What was the Camel Trophy? It started in 1980 as a one time event and instantly drew the imaginations of 100,000’s of people in Germany. Each year the event grew larger and larger, becoming a true international event by 1982 with the addition of Italy, Holland, the United States. Eventually the organizers would have to sort through over 1.5 million applications per year to pick the final 40 team members to compete. It became known as the Olympics of 4x4 driving. It was not a rally, not a race. It was 2 weeks of adventure combined with the ultimate test of skill and ingenuity over 1,000 miles though the Green Hell.

It was, The Great Adventure.

Bring the Camel Trophy Popup Museum to you! Learn more about the history of this event as I host an hour long slideshow presentation with never before seen pictures, stories and information. Afterwards, get hands on with some of the genuine gear used by the competitors, including Pelican cases, roof rack plaques, clothing, and maps. Enjoy personal photos and journal entries giving you a glimpse into the daily life of a Cameleer. After years of research and procurement of many items, the Camel Trophy Popup Museum has become a reality! Thank you for Keeping The Spirit Alive!

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Click through the gallery to see pics from the first Camel Trophy Popup Museum event, held at Triple Aught Design in San Francisco.